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Watching your child develop can be difficult and sometimes messy. It is your responsibility to nourish & teach your child through every stage of life. Meet your child where they are. It is important not to place unrealistic expectations on your child for this can be discouraging and hinder healthy growth.

Practicing these regularly:

  • Read & Talk with your children

  • Be sensitive & caring

  • Practice healthy & safe lifestyle

  • Listen to your children & validate their emotions

  • Create routines & rules

    • Be consistent in your discipline

  • Be predictable in how you react to your child

  • Be patient with your child

    • Show unconditional love in spite of their mistakes

  • Always separate the child from their behavior!

Scenario: Your daughter misbehaves & throws a tantrum

Wrong Response

Yelling at them saying “You are a bad girl. Stop that”

Right Response

Sitting them down “You are such a good girl, why are you acting this way.”

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